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  A B O U T

GRPick is a secret no longer.  After a million miles on the road in the U.S.

and abroad, he emerges as a contemporary bridge connecting the

indigenous concept of songlines – musical boundaries that criss-cross the land, 

intersecting nature, people, and time, and honoring all sacred life forces.


At 4, GRPick discovered he was able to replicate popular music 

on piano. As a teen, he began performing in cover bands and

soon began expressing his own impressions through the craft of songwriting.  

As he honed his supporting skills as lyricist, arranger, producer, and flexible

collaborator, he was recognized for his talent to turn any moment into a

vibrant sonic snapshot.

GRPick's higher education in psychology and growing concern for what he saw

as unnecessary human suffering, began adding an intercultural, compassionate

edge to his work.

Full-length productions that reflect these sentiments include 

The Attunement, Sounds and Voices Along The International Songline, and


Same Plane, his most recent album releasehighlights his continuing concern for

the planet and its inhabitants while taking the current pandemic into account.


GRPick recently discovered an amazing 1:1 way to synergize his creative abilities

with the advent of Musical Soulprint, a 2-3 minute original

instrumental composition uniquely devoted to each individual, based on a

few minutes of conversation.







His ability to 'musicalize' anything truly separates him in the field of composition 


Credits include: staff writer for several publishers, including

Dick James Music (the Beatles first publisher), a recording contract with World

Disc Music, Grand Prize Awards in both the prestigious American Song Festival and 

Yamaha International World Festival,a Gold record for El DeBarge,

and a 4-CD children’s educational series, Planet Me!


Other notable credits include a stint as musical director for the late Alan Thicke

an historic position as the first National Demonstration Director for

Pioneer Laser Karaoke’s U.S. launch in 1988, and twenty years as a dueling pianist,

featuring his encylopedic recall and interactive entertainment style.

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